Sex Buyer Intervention

The Strategic Justice Partners Sex Buyer program,  "RESOLVE", is an intense 8 hour group counseling program for Sex Offenders created by Dr. Todd Pizitz, an expert Clinical and Forensic Psychologist specializing in sex offender rehabilitation and works extensively with San Diego County prosecutors and probation. 

The RESOLVE Program is specially designed to help arrested sex buyers learn how to change their behavior and not re-offend. Unlike other "John Schools", RESOLVE is not a shame based lecture program, but a life changing experience that truly engages offenders in understanding their decision making process and how to control their lives.

Course participants learn and clearly understand How, Why and When choosing to illegally purchase sex became an acceptable choice in their mind and then helps empower them to make healthier decisions related to their sexual needs.

The RESOLVE program applies the W.H.O. Principles:  Willingness – Honesty – Openness.  Participants must have a Willingness to talk about their thoughts, feelings and behaviors related to sexual needs in an Honest manner and be Open to utilizing the tools learned to avoid relapse.

At the completion of the course, participants will have learned:

  • How to let go of shame and guilt and replace it with a sense of power
  • Understand the triggers that lead to their criminal behaviors
  • Understand their own compulsions
  • Learn the tools to manage sexual impulses and needs
  • Ways to improve self-esteem
  • Methods to avoid relapse


Educational Intervention

No Buyers - No Business

Reduce Sex Trafficking by Reducing Demand

The most efficient approach to ending sexual exploitation and sex trafficking is targeting sex buyers: when they stop buying, the entire system collapses.  No Buyer, No Business.

“Purchasing human beings for sex fuels the market that traffickers and pimps supply with victims. Until we eliminate demand, the sexual exploitation of our society’s most vulnerable children, women, and even men will continue unabated.  A growing number of policymakers, academics, and activists recognize that the endless supply of victims won’t cease until we combat the demand for illegal commercial sex.”   (

From back alleys to cyber sites, human beings are bought and sold for sex in every corner of our country. No matter the medium, there’s one constant—rampant demand.  Buyers make the choice to perpetuate a deeply damaging and illegal industry, while those being sold for sex are often vulnerable people with limited options.

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Understanding Sex Buyers

The common myth that “any man” might buy sex is simply not supported by research. Sex buyers share certain attitudes, life experiences, and behavioral tendencies that distinguish them from their non-buying peers in socially and statistically significant ways. By understanding sex buyers, we can better craft the legal and policy prescriptions, preventative education, and cultural norms needed to eliminate demand for illegal commercial sex.

Surveys show that sex buyers engaged in significantly more criminal activity than non-sex buyers. Also, buyers hold extensive information about pimps, coercion, trafficking, and the harms of prostitution to the women in it. 

Many of the men who do not buy sex are surprisingly tolerant of prostitution for men who do. These findings suggest that efforts to deter sex buyers should expand their focus from men who buy sex to the general public’s attitudes that support prostitution.

About half of men who purchase sex believe that most men do it, but non-buyers we surveyed do not make this incorrect assumption. Men report feeling just as many negative feelings after buying sex as they did before, and rightfully so. Prostitution is not a victimless crime.