Self Discovery – Participants discuss what brought them to this crossroad.

Small Group Exercises – Participants share their beliefs and feelings about their situation and what they recognize they need to do differently in the future.

Cognitive Behavioral Dissonance Model – These exercises outline the systemic nature of values, attitudes and environment as they relate to and influence behaviors and how by compromising values destructive emotional dissonance is created.

Life Changing Skills – The information gathered from participants is used to develop an illustration of Life Coping Skills and each participant writes a contract stating what they are willing to do to change, which they openly recite to the group.  This creates a form of Accountability for the rest of the program.

Situational Awareness –These exercises help participants understand how each downward step moves them closer to debilitating conflicts.  A step by step pathway to all emotional conflict. 

This combination and sequence of group exercises creates the platform for an intervention into the criminal thinking pattern.  Additionally, SJP classes provide a comprehensive addictions study exercise with emphasis on recovery techniques, stress management techniques and coping skills, financial management to help them secure greater financial solvency, stability, and self-esteem issues with effective healing skills ...and much more. 

How do we change how a defendant thinks?

Strategic Justice Partners’ Misdemeanor Diversion Education is specially designed to focus on the reasons why we do the things we do, the potential consequences of continued misbehavior and the solutions to many of the problems that brought offenders to this critical crossroad. Our Program focuses on the concept of “Criminal Thinking” utilizing the Rational Emotive Behavior cognitive behavioral model.

To understand the thought pattern behind a criminal mind, it is important to consider all possibilities. There is no single cause of criminal behavior. A combination of both genetic and environmental factors contributes to the thought process of a criminal. Some criminals will be motivated to engage in deeply immoral and illegal actions, while others simply break or bend the laws on a smaller but still significant scale. Examining the history of the person and the supporting facts of the crime lead to insight about their method of thinking.

What appears as rational to most law abiding citizens is often irrational to criminal thinkers.  The key to “pulling the rug of rationalization” out from under a criminal thinker is understanding why they make the decisions they do, then helping them match consequences, particularly unintended consequences. This must be done in a non-threatening manner. The Program creates a self-realization experience for program participants where, for many people, they see their behavior and corresponding thinking processes as counter-productive towards fulfilling what they truly want and need in their lives. 

SJP provides live classes led by certified Psychologists OR ONLINE Programs.

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LIVE or ONLINE Programs available

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